Xebra Cohorts, a community to access industry Events, News and Interviews

The trust circle you can count on!

Xebra Cohorts helps you build your network. You will gain colleagues, business partners, and friends who will become part of your new found family


Connect your business with your clients, vendors, and a larger Xebra community. It helps business owners grow personally and professionally, develop long-lasting relationships with like-minded professionals, and create opportunities through referral marketing

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Showcase Profile

Create your personalised company profile showcasing your clients, work and awards. Get noticed and let other people in the community know more about you and your team


Promote your events in the community and use them to generate leads and sponsors. Events are a qualified way to make your offering known and visible. Similarly, build your skills and understanding by attending other events listed in the cohorts

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Be updated with various initiatives, regulations and innovations in your industry. We provide you with news that is of importance and value to the business that we operate


Watch the entrepreneurs share their journey and success mantras with the interview feature with them. Learn from the people who have walked the path and can share industry truths and insights without the BS

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