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Follow these three simple steps to become a part of Xebra Inner Circle and earn a monthly income

Step 1

Sign up and receive a referral invite code

Step 2

Share your referral invite code with friends, family and colleagues

Step 3

Monitor the signup dashboard and get monthly payouts for every successful subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

unique referral code will be generated for you when you sign up. Share this referral code with your friends, family and colleagues. You will get your personalised dashboard to monitor the activity. You will be notified whenever anyone buys a paid subscription plan using your referral code. You can track the earning and status of your payments from the Xebra dashboard

For a referral to be successful, the user has to buy a paid subscription plan of Xebra – Trot, Canter or Gallop. Also, at the time of payment, he has to enter your referral code

No, the user has to enter your specific referral code for you to earn your referral fee

You will earn 20% on the gallop plan & 10% on the Trot and Canter plan. Your referral amount will be calculated on the net subscription amount paid by your referral user. E.g. if the subscriber applied a 20% discount on Rs 60,000 Gallop plan, then the net cost would come down to Rs. 48,000. So, you will earn 20% of Rs. 48,000, which is Rs. 9,600

No, there is no limit. You can refer us to as many businesses as you like

Your total referral amount will be calculated and summed up for each month. You will be paid in the first week of the succeeding month

Disclaimer: Xebra Biztech LLP holds the right to cancel the referral bonus if the referrals don’t meet our referral policies