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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoicing is the starting point to capturing revenues of your company. It has a Business-Intelligence Assistant ‘Xebra’ that collates all your data and presents it in a manner that will help you take decisions. For e.g. which client is really the most profitable for you? What is the % contribution of one service over another? What is the average credit period that you are extending per client?

With Xebra as your assistant, you can

  • Increase profitability with business reports
  • Maximise revenues by detailed customer analysis
  • Track & Reduce credit period to customers
  • Timely alert on expiry of legal contract and PO to avoid delay in payment
  • Understand client payment credit history for faster decisions

Xebra maps all the mundane tasks related to invoicing and takes it on itself to finish. This will leave you with more time to take business decisions.

With Xebra, you can

  • Prepare invoice in less than 60 secs
  • Recurring invoices for retainer services
  • Convert estimate into invoice in one click
  • Reconcile invoices against receipts
  • TDS information readily available
  • Client portal – no more resending duplicate invoices
  • Statement of account for customer wise tally of all transactions

Usually, this problem should not happen but in the event that it does, do check your spam box

Yes, you will be entitled to all the new features and software upgrades relevant for your subscribed plan

With Xebra you can just download a completely filled GSTR sheet with a single click.

Yes, there is a trial period of 15 days in trot, canter and gallop plans

You can subscribe to Xebra using multiple payment options like net banking, Debit card or Credit Card

Yes, you can export all your business data from Xebra

Although you won’t need much of technical support for using Xebra, our team is always available for any product or features related query

Data security literary is our number one priority. We have viewed at security from multiple angles; right from log in process to user access to security of cloud storage and of course the firewalls necessary for it. Here is a whole list of features that we have added:

  • Use of reputed cloud service providers
  • Secured Data back-up servers
  • Data encryption to maintain anonymity of data
  • Multi-device OTP login feature
  • Multi-level user-access system

You have to renew your subscription annually

We try to provide a whole array of features that you will find useful. Also, we are continuously seeking feedback and integrating relevant ideas to improve our application. Having mentioned that we can provide specific customisation for your company at a price

Yes you can easily track your pending receipts & payments in business intelligence module.

For a referral to be successful, the user has to subscribe Canter or Gallop pack of Xebra. Also, at the time of payment, he has to punch in your referral code

No, the user has to enter your specific referral code for you to earn your referral fee

Xebra referral program rewards you with 25% on canter plan and 40% on Gallop plan every time one of your referrals signs up

No, there is no limit. You can refer us to as many businesses as you like

MSME and Start-up founders who have already partnered with us