Xebra Cohorts learning provides insights into accounting & financial terms

Accelerate business transformation!

The learning module of cohorts will keep you aware of the latest business and entrepreneurship practices. It shares practical solutions implemented by fellow founders in their companies. Also, guides for a better grasp of accounting and finance

Insights Corner

The insights section is a list of articles that share the best practices of companies and industries. It also provides learnings, tricks and suggestions on how to improve and scale business.

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Accounting terms

Know the terminology to understand your business numbers better. Xebra provides a definition and explanation of each accounting term along with the formula for a better grasp of your business performance

Financial Ratios

These four sets of ratios have been explained with their formula to monitor your company's financial well-being. Keep track of these regularly to ensure a healthy pulse of your company

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Innovation Videos

The video library is a set of innovative entrepreneurs along with their products. It’s inspiring to see the problems that they identified and how they went about solving them

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