Client portal to speed up your payments and manage your business better

Strengthen your client partnerships

A customised client portal to help you efficiently manage your time. Your clients can view invoices, tally payments and download documents from the portal

Personalised onboarding

Give out self-serve and let your company personalized URL for login to any number of clients members. An easy-to-use toggle switch to activate or deactivate access

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Faster payments

By giving your clients a real-time view of the balance of payment, you can receive your outstanding amount faster

Improve your cashflow

Clients get a real-time view of the TDS that they have deducted on each invoice and amount paid to the government. This helps you receive input tax credit, freeing up cash for business

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Company Purchase

Generate more business

Clients can view your updated company profile, case studies and new offerings and reach out to you for more services or product

Treat your clients

You can gift them with a Xebra walk plan. Also, help them grow by giving access to Xebra's marketplace

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Everything your clients need in one place

Clients get a comprehensive view of the invoices and credit notes raised on them and the payments and TDS payable by them.

Quick Access to documents

Eazy to upload, retrieve and share documents in the safe, secure environment of the client portal. Say goodbye to age-old emails

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