Our Story | About Us | Know what made us start Xebra Biztech, ERP for MSMEs

Our Story

We started Xebra because of a real problem

Our founder-owned and run a company for 15 years before starting Xebra. While doing so, he encountered several problems that many SMEs did


Pre-set graphs for tracking Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date and Month wise revenus


Breakdown of the financial and accounting jargoans to highlight what is going right and what needs to improve


Integrated platforms to save time, money and hassle of evaluating multiple software, multiple vendors and multiple monthly renewal payouts

The idea of making Xebra was to act as a partner. E.g. Have pre-set graphs with explanation to ensure that founders without a finance background can also easily understand. We are on a mission to intsall financial discipline & improve financial well-being right from the early stage.

We have a forever-free plan to ensure that nobody misses out and they all can profit from it. We would love to here from you. Do send in your ideas and suggestions to our founder at nimesh(at)xebra.in


Our vision is to empower, digitise and improve the financial well-being of all Indian MSMEs



Educate them about accounting & financial terms and jargons

Impower them with data to make decisions


Impower their financial-welling

Help them increase their cash-flow, credit cycle and profitability


significant reduction of paper & related usage

Digitize all their Accounting, HR & Financial practices