GST-compliant e-invoicing software for all B2B start-ups and MSMEs

Inbuilt e-invoicing feature for a seamless experience

The government of India mandated e-invoicing for B2B companies in phases. Our e-invoicing feature not only does this with a single click but also validates your data to identify incorrect data entries or missing mandatory fields.

Send invoices to IRP with ease

Simple one-click feature to convert your invoice into an e-invoice by sending it to the IRP. Get an automated QR code and IRN number on your invoice

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Upload a single invoice or in bulk

You can upload your invoices in blocks for a bulk update or one at a time

Customised invoice templates

Create a customised invoice template that reflects your brand personality and identity.

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Status dashboard

Create, manage, track and cancel all operations on e-Invoices through a single user-friendly module

Cancel e-invoices with ease

Xebra guides you through the process of cancelling your e-invoices within the time frame of 24 hours of generating the IRN

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Credit note and debit note

Carry out the process of e-invoicing for your credit notes and debit notes with ease

Customer Support

You can always chat or email to connect with our team for any kind of support around this feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Invoicing means registering your invoice particulars on the Indian government’s Invoice Reference Portal (IRP). New GST laws stipulate that businesses with certain turnover have to upload their invoice and generate Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and Quick Response (QR) Code. This facilitates the exchange of data between the buyer and the seller.

Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) manages the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP to authenticate invoices. It generates a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) & Quick Response (QR) code, digitally signs the invoice and electronically sends it back to the taxpayer.

IRN is a 64-character unique number generated by the IRP for each invoice uploaded by the taxpayer. This IRN is a combination of the Supplier GSTIN + Financial Year + Document Type + Document Number. It will be a unique identifier for each invoice.

Yes, it is possible to do that

You can cancel your e-invoice, provided it is done within 24 hours of generating your IRN. Once IRN (Invoice Reference Number) is cancelled, GSTR-1 will be updated automatically with the 'cancelled' status. Also, the e-invoice has to be cancelled in totality and not partially

The maximum number of line items per e-invoice is 100.

The QR code has to be printed very clearly on the invoice. Printing of IRN number is optional as the QR code already has IRN embedded in it

The QR code consists of:

  • Recipient GSTIN
  • Unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number/hash)
  • IRN Generation Date
  • Supplier GSTIN
  • Invoice number, as given by the supplier
  • Date of generation of invoice
  • Invoice value (taxable value and gross tax)
  • Number of line items
  • HSN Code of the main item (line item having the highest taxable value)