Get view from the top to drive insights and channelise resources for maximum growth

Let data guide your actions.

Xebra equips your team with actionable intelligence to increase ROI, unlock opportunities and open potential areas of business growth


Business GPS

Get complete clarity and guidance for your path to profitability with smart alerts

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Enable data storytelling

Get unparalleled visibility of your business and uncover hidden value, from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Be prepared for your meetings

Xebra’s mobile app gives comprehensive analytics for each client and vendor so you are well prepared for every meeting

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Unlock new levels of growth

Identify rapidly growing clients and products or services so you can prioritise your resources towards them to scale faster

Go from reactive to proactive. Prompts

Automatically alert users when their relevant data changes, or thresholds are reached.

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Identify golden clients

Our smart proprietary Opportunity Matrix to uncover the clients whom you need to treasure or terminate

Empower your team

Give clear directions and tools to your team with Xebra’s analytics and business modules

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Healthy cash flow

Monitor your monthly cash flow and accordingly plan your burn rate

What's the big deal about Xebra?