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Upgrade from audit practice to a client partnership

Grow your practice beyond accounting, tax and audit. Become a partner and reason for your client’s growth by offering them financial planning

Become a growth partner of your client

Interpret the business growth for your client with Xebra Insights

Work out an action plan along to de-risk and improve cash-flow

Increase your client’s profitability by 25-40% by highlighting growth areas

Increase team productivity by 10X

Xebra automates bank reconciliation and tax calculation which saves precious time

Your team can work on more client as Xebra automated the entire accounting

Drastically reduce time on GST and TDS tax computation and filing reports

Easy sharing of documents

No more hassle of sharing financial documents over emails

Secure document locker for each client for smooth document exchange

Share and retrieve documents with ease, saving your email reconciliation time

Grow your firm’s revenue

Earn a referral fee every time your client signs up to paid Xebra plan

Start a new revenue source as your client’s financial planner

Get Showcase page & pitch your services to new start-ups & small business owners

Leverage Xebra Cohorts:

Access to marketplace module to interact with multiple businesses and entrepreneurs

Network with professionals and access to more training and events

Access to deals that can result in significant savings for your firm

Xebra Advantage

Centralize your clients in one place

Become a client’s business financial partner by jointly discussing the business intelligence modules and breaking down the graphs with them

Integration of multiple software into one (Invoicing, expense & asset tracking, depreciation, payroll, tax calculations, banking and accounting)

Reconciliation time brought down from days to minutes

Anywhere, anytime access to client data coupled with customer support from Xebra

No upfront investment of any kind

All the data is safe and secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

A unique referral code will be generated for you when you sign up. You need to add this referral code when you subscribe to Xebra’s paid plans on behalf of your clients. In case the client is subscribing on their own, then they will need to enter it. Once the plan goes live, you will be able to track that entry on your referral page. That will display the total amount that you have earned that month from the referral.

For a referral to be considered successful, the user has to subscribe to the Gallop plan. Also, at the time of payment, he has to punch in your referral code

No, the user has to enter your specific referral code for you to earn your referral fee

Click on the Referral Program to learn more

No, there is no limit. You can refer us to as many businesses as you like

Your total referral amount will be calculated and summed up for each month. You will be paid in the first week of succeeding month

Yes, you can network in the marketplace module and generate more business for your firm

Xebra cohorts is a community for founders. It allows them to learn & interact with each other, get access to their category events and deals. It’s also a place where you can share learnings and demonstrate thought leadership

Xebra and Xebra Cohorts are two independent programs. You don’t have to subscribe to Xebra’s paid plans to be a part of the Xebra Cohorts program

This program will help you in 2 ways: Generate more business and as a knowledge sharing and network building platform. You will generate more business through direct interaction with entrepreneurs seeking your services for their outfits and also through the unique referral program.

Yes. You can deactivate your profile and logout of it at any time