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Spend less money. Save more time

Get a comprehensive analysis and insight into your expenses. Record expenses, payments and tax with a click

Trim wasteful expenses

Detailed expense graphs to optimize cash flow

Understand the contribution of each expense for better management

Monitor vendor-wise expenses and prioritize your payments accordingly

Faster Integrated Payouts

Link your bank account with Xebra for faster payouts

Secured, one-click payment and auto-reconciliation of bank accounts

All accounting reports are auto-updated and tallied

Complete customization of your invoice

Choose from multiple invoice template

Personalise it with your invoice no sequence, logo and other details

Re-deploying your resources towords more profitable clients & items

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See expenses as they happen

Auto calculation for forex gain / loss on international vendor's payables

Seamless automatic recording of expenses and payables against each invoices

Reconciliation time brought down from days to minutes

One-click calculation of TDS deductions done for vendors

Supports International clients

Complete customization of currency for international clients

Auto calculations of forex / loss on international client's receivables

Auto-recording of international invoices and receipts in accounting reports

Automated recording of recurring expenses

Supports multiple currencies for recording domestic and international vendors

Prepare Purchase Order against vendor's estimates and quotations

Set rule for recurring utilities or subscription expenses

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No more late payment fees

Set alerts so you never miss your vendor payment date

Set customized time-period alerts to track & control spend on each expense

Stop email exchange & follow-ups

Give out customized portal access to your vendors

Vendors log in to get a tab on invoices due and legal payments made

They can log in to download their contracts and legal documents

Track expenses on the go

Track your company's health while traveling

Understand which expense is growing and how you can control it

Better prepared with data before discussion with the vendor

Upload documents at a central place

Upload all your vendor related documents like contracts, PO at one place

Set timely reminders for renewals before the expiry of any contracts

Transfer documents to a vendor from this secured environment rather than on emails

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